The World’s Best Blockchain-Powered Marketplace of Services
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: Ethereum
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This ICO has already ended.

CanYa will completely change the world’s $2tn ‘gig economy’. CanYa will be a fully decentralised, international platform for people to book and pay (or be paid) for both home and digital services. Want to book a local plumber? Use CanYa. Want to get a graphics designer from overseas for your new website? Use CanYa. By providing a meaningful reason to spend cryptocurrencies in the real world, CanYa will help accelerate the mainstream adoption of crypto.

CanYa already has a working platform with thousands of jobs completed. The road map will move the platform to a completely decentralised ecosystem where payments, governance, storage and eventually compute will all become decentralised. It will become a truly international meritocracy for services that is run entirely by those who use the platform. This has never been done before and will revolutionise the way we book and pay for services.

The CAN token is an ERC20 utility token with three clear use-cases which provides a steady and constant demand for the CAN token. Firstly, users can pay for real-world services in CanYaCoins, which utilises the hedged escrow and is trustless, automated and secure. Secondly, service providers can also promote their profiles each month by purchasing CAN tokens within the platform. Lastly, 20% of all tokens are reserved to economically incentivise users to use and share the platform, such as referral rewards, transaction cash-backs and welcome bonuses.

The ICO will also be rewarding participants who contribute to CanYa’s community through its ‘Dolphin Tier’ - an exclusive invite-only pre-ICO bucket with a 40% bonus. Only people who help the CanYa ICO will be invited.

CanYa will also be running a groundbreaking ‘CanYa HODLers Club’ which will set the benchmark for all ICOs in future and prevent exchange dumps. The concept is simple: anyone who contributes and does not ever move their Genesis tokens will be airdropped more tokens for the first three months and then annually forever, will be given gifts such as the CanYa branded Ledger Nano S wallet and Founder Series minted CanYaCoins, will receive paid invites to annual company conferences, and will get access to quarterly company reports.

The CanYa ICO will take place from the 26 November 2017 and run for 30 days or until sold out. The cap is quite small at ~19,333 ETH.

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