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    Libertylance ICO


    Decentralized. Gig Based Marketplace Where Freelancing Meets Blockchain.
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Accepting: Ethereum
    1 vote
    This ICO has already ended.

    LibertyLance is a self-regulating and decentralized gig-based marketplace designed for freelancers and clients to transact in the quickest and most transparent fashion through smart contracts. It is a revolutionary freelancing platform that uses the power of blockchain technology solving many underlying issues present in the traditional marketplaces. Using smart contracts, the platform eliminates any possibility of a central authority, non-payment and undeserving reviews on the platform.

    LibertyLance will open its entire operation to its community by using the Ethereum blockchain to provide a decentralized marketplace so that freelancers and clients do not suffer from unfair account suspension or disputes because the entire infrastructure is designed to be automated and trustless to the fullest possible extent.In order to eliminate the services of a middleman, smart contracts are going to be deployed that are going to act as an escrow medium with pre defined conditions and rules to facilitate a smooth transaction between the client and freelancer.

    Conflict resolution on LibertyLance is carried out using smart contracts that ensures neither party get any payment problems or undeserved reviews. If either party is unsatisfied, an independent panel of token holders will deliver a verdict on the matter while being rewarded for their participation.

    In a scenario where any dispute arises, the voting decision system has been setup to cater for this. It is an automatic dispute resolution process that is used to settle disputes between clients and freelancers with a transparent and decentralized approach.
    In order to participate in these disputes, those with our LTN tokens will be able to vote in the disputed cases as there won't be any involvement of a third party. Consensus reached by the token holders will enable the smart contract to automatically release funds to the winning party and token holders will be awarded the transaction fee and tokens from those people that were wrong in the dispute resolution process.

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