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Fractional Ownership Programs for Cryptocurrency ATMs
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: Ethereum
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Cryptocurrencies are now everywhere.

Bitcoin has become mainstream and the surge of many blockchain-based enterprises has changed the way companies operate today.

While many of these companies focus on technology, Trilliant is creating the infrastructure for this environment. Just like withdrawing money from traditional ATMs, in the near future anyone can withdraw and deposit their cryptocurrencies at one of our next-generation terminals.

This is why you should not only invest in cryptocurrencies, but also in the surrounding infrastructure. The Trilliant Fractional Ownership Program now gives you the opportunity to purchase a personal piece of one of our fully-serviced cryptocurrency ATMs.

Independent from cryptocurrency prices, your own Fractional Ownership Units let you participate in our lucrative crypto hardware, while we do all the work. All you need are TRIL Tokens to purchase your Ownership Units.

Trilliant ́s current plan is to have at least 500 ATMs manufactured and in operation at the end of 2019. Depending on the success of the token sale, Trilliant plans to start with an initial production of at least 50 Units, which should be up and running by the end of the Q3 2018. With growing revenues from the operational ATM business, the company will produce more machines, thereby exponentially increasing the demand for the TRIL tokens. As the token can be used to cover a part of the transaction fees charged at our machines and is needed to purchase Units of our Cryptocurrency ATM Ownership Program, increasing demand for TRIL will go hand-in-hand with a growing number of machines and the success of the Trilliant business.

All machines feature a few unique selling points, which the existing ATM producers do not offer. Some of the outstanding characteristics of the Trilliant models is the standard feature of two-way money handling, meaning that all of our machines do have both a pay-in as well as a payout option for fiat currencies.

10 July: Pre sale starts

10 August: Pre sale ends

11 August: Main sale starts

25 August: Main sale ends

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